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User-Generated Content Takes Over

On the seventh day of Christmas Honchō gave to me user-generated content… Our Content Executive, Max, takes us through why UGC is so powerful and the stand-out examples of user-generated content of 2018.

User-generated content can’t be ignored. It’s an efficient, and relatively easy, way to create brand awareness. Simply put, UGC is content created by a user or customer, ranging from Youtube videos to customer testimonials.

UGC is so effective for two main reasons:

  1. Users tend to trust other users. Customers are more likely to trust recommendations from friends, relatives or social connections than brands themselves. An example of this are the reviews left by customers on a company’s GMB profile.
  2. It costs nothing to produce. Your customers make it for you, so you can focus your time elsewhere.  

As it’s so easy and effective to leverage, it’s been a favourite marketing tactic this year. Join us as we delve into why UGC works and explore some of our favourite user-generated content campaigns of 2018.

Why is user-generated content so powerful?

Getting your customers to create your content may sound impossible. Getting that for free may sound even harder. But it’s a tried and proven tactic that doesn’t take too much work. And that’s simply because people trust other people over brands. 92% of people stated that they’re more likely to trust personal recommendations over branded ones.

 User-generated content influence diagram

{Image source: Crowdtap}

Think about it – would you trust a brand if they explicitly told you their product or service was the best? Of course not. What about if one of your closest friends said the same thing?

We’re constantly bombarded with overt marketing in print, video and digital forms. 75% of consumers say that UGC feels authentic. It’s real, organic content. It doesn’t feel pushy but still has a purpose.

Some of the Best user-generated content 2018

Here’s some of our favourite UGC from the past year. Take it in and learn from it. You’ll see your engagement, brand awareness and overall performance boom.

Spotify’s #2018wrapped

Spotify has been using their user’s data to create genuinely funny posters for a number of years now. They look at their subscriber’s weirder habits and poke fun at them. And this year’s campaign is no different.

They paired this with some of the year’s trends and memes, creating engaging and genuinely funny ads.

Spotify user-generated content

Our favourites include:

“In a year of royal celebrations, let’s also toast the fact that someone made a playlist called ‘its the royal wedding tomorrow!!!’ 22 days after the wedding.”

“The fan-made ‘I don’t give a s*** what the calendar says, it’s christmas’ playlist is about to be correct for the first time in 2018.”

National Geographic

National Geographic has always been a champion of UGC, but at a more professional level. Their ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ helps to solidify them as the leading travel mag.

Each year, they filter through thousands of amazing, professional quality photographs to choose a winner. The beauty of this contest-style UGC campaign is that they get flooded with thousands of stunning shots, all taken by other people. The contestants do all of the hard work, travelling the world for the perfect picture.

Go Pro

GoPro is another brand that champions user-generated content. They’ve been using their customer’s videos for some time now, and routinely re-post a photo of the day on their Instagram.

Go Pro user-generated content

One of their latest campaigns asks users to submit footage captured on a GoPro Hero7 Black for their chance to be featured on the official highlight video for the camera. Oh, and a share of $1,000,000.

This is a great way to excite people into creating and sharing amazing content. Their videos (taken with the Hero7 Black that they’ve already bought – very clever) get the chance to become a part of the product’s story. This exclusivity drives engagement, sales and even give them the footage for their video campaign.

User-generated content in 2019

You can’t ignore user-generated content in 2019. It’s a powerful tactic that puts your audience at the forefront of your marketing. As it’s so cost-effective that it’s simply a must. UGC will only grow in 2019, so it’s vital to start planning for the new year. Keep your eyes peeled – you may even be a part of a UGC campaign yourself!

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