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What is Google Search Generative Experience? (SGE)

What is Google Search Generative Experience? (SGE)

What is Google SGE?

Think of Google SGE as your helpful buddy on the search results page. Instead of making you click on different websites, it pulls up relevant info and suggestions right there. Google is using Generative AI that understands what you're looking for and gives you the lowdown.

What Does it Look Like in Action?

Say you're craving the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Google SGE might pop up with the top three recipes that fit your craving, along with a quick description of each. Plus, it even thinks ahead and suggests other questions or follow up queries you might have.

Why Love Google SGE?

  • No More Headaches: It breaks down complicated topics into easy-to-understand nuggets.

  • Conversational: It doesn't just stop at one answer. SGE keeps the conversation going with more relevant questions, helping you dive deeper into what you're curious about.

  • Quick and Easy: Forget hopping from one website to another. SGE brings the info you need right to your fingertips, making your search journey super easy.

But, even SGE has its downsides…

  • Not for Everyone (Yet): It's still a work in progress and is only available in the US in English, with plans to roll out to 7 languages and 120 countries.

  • AI's Still Learning: Sometimes, the info might not be spot-on, especially for important topics. Google even gives a heads up that it's still learning the ropes.

  • Watch Out for Ads: Since Google makes money from search ads, they'll need to be careful that SGE doesn't take away from that. So, ads might look a bit different or need some tweaking.


What About SEO?

  • Fewer Clicks, More Info: With SGE giving quick summaries, people might not click through to websites as much. But, when they do, they're more likely to be super engaged with the content.

  • All-Around Strategy: SEO isn't just about keywords anymore. It's about creating quality content, getting good backlinks, and making sure your website is user-friendly. So, it's time to get creative with your content.


And PPC?

The full extent of how SGE will impact PPC is still unfolding. But, it's safe to say that blending SEO and PPC strategies for a cohesive approach is the way to go.


How to utilise SGE:

  • Forget generic stuff. Create content that's genuine, relatable, and stands out in the crowd.

  • Get the authority: Let people know why you're the expert in your field. Share success stories, get some great reviews, and build trust with your audience.

  • Re-evaluate your targeted keywords: SGE seems to love detailed queries. So, focus on long-tail keywords that people are actually searching for.


Finally, Google SGE is changing things up in the search world, making it more user-friendly and interactive. While it comes with its own set of challenges, it's an exciting time for digital marketing. By embracing SGE and adapting your strategies, you can make the most of this new search era and connect better with your audience.

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