Our specialist team create campaigns using data led stories relevant to your brand, then outreach to journalists.

The result - high quality links and mentions in authoritative publications that build authority of your website and improve rankings in Search Engines.

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Digital PR has the potential to amplify brand visibility, engage with audiences on a global scale, and forge lasting connections.

Embracing DPR enables us to transcend geographical boundaries, break through the noise, and strategically shape brand narrative.

Lauren Field  - Digital PR Director 


How Digital PR Works

Our team of experts create compelling campaign ideas that generate worldwide coverage and secure high authority links from top tier and specialist media. 

⭐️ We create campaign ideas by researching topics and news relevant to your brand.

⭐️ We source unique data and craft stories that will appeal to target publications.

⭐️ We gain coverage through extensive outreach to journalists.

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Our Digital PR Process



We utilise scripts, scrapers and manual research to create unique data-sets for campaign ideas. 



We use the sourced data and the finalised angles to inform the design.



Once designed we package up the data and send it through to be uploaded onto your website. 



This is where the majority of outreach work is done to share the story with journalists. 

Build Authority of your Domain

The links that point to your website tell Search Engines how credible, trustworthy and authoritative your website is. 

Attracting links from trusted sources like news publications strengthens the authority of your website which can be a major factor in improving SEO rankings. 

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Hero Campaigns

Hero campaigns allow us to tell complicated data stories simply and effectively by focussing on the most relevant niches and highest potential stories. This approach is a proactive method of creating stories that journalists want to write about.

These campaigns use either existing data, reimagined in a creative way, or original data collected through our surveys. They can come in the form of a blog posts, accompanied by illustrated assets, videos or graphs that provide all the information for a journalist and context for the readers.

Reactive Campaigns

Reactive campaigns are the result of our always-on approach. Newsjacking is a reactive approach where brands gain media coverage by adding value to an already existing, trending and well talked about new story.

We gain links and coverage for your brand by monitoring the news agenda or social media and find ways to leverage developing stories within your niche that puts your brand at the heart of the conversation.



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Targeted, Proven Outreach Methods

With a focus on relevant journalists that are writing about similar topics and stories we use bespoke pitches for each angle/region/country.

We reach out to publications to ensure our entire target audience has the opportunity to be reached.

All media lists are bespoke for each outreach activity with journalists and publications hand picked to ensure topical relevancy building the brands authority.

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“It has been an awesome experience working with the team at Honcho! Over the last 12 months, we have won a Global Digital PR award and delivered some best-in-class digital PR campaigns within our target territories which has helped improve our online presence in the Electronics Components industry" 
Kenneth Berkley
SEO Manager

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