Google Tests Giant Image Search Ads

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Google’s giant image ad format has been tested with other types of brands. These are giant ads a carousel of images that take up a lot of real estate. Will they be rolled out, and what impact will this have?

What are they?

These giant search ads were rolled out in the US for automotive manufacturers, like Ford or Toyota. They allow the brands to run ads based on different models.

They feature:

  • Large images in a carousel format
  • Spec details
  • Links to manufacturers’ websites
  • Closeby dealerships.

giant mobile search ads auto

Source: Google

This creates a large, interactive ad that a user can swipe through for more information. Using high-quality images and a large format, they return a 30% average increase in engagement rate.

So, what’s changing?

Glenn Gabe tweeted screenshots of the same ad type being served for a “best running sneakers” search.

Search Engine Land reached out to Google for a comment, with a spokesperson saying:

“We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now.”

Classic Google answer.

These striking ads take up a lot of screen space but are by no means any more effort to create than others. It’s also made easier for larger brands that already have a backlog of high-quality images just waiting to be used.

Will it officially roll out to other verticals?

This ad format was first introduced in 2016, so Google definitely has enough performance-data. enjoyed a 30% higher CTR and 40% more visitors from intent-based dealer searches. Toyota saw a 45% increase in conversions and 30% lower CPAs than text ads.

Only time will tell. This ad type will be extremely powerful, so get ready for something new in Paid Media. It’s only available in the US too.

What do you think – will they be rolled out soon? When will it be available in the UK? Tweet us your thoughts @iThinkMediaUK or drop a comment below!