Search is where the research begins for an automotive customer

Over a third (39%) of people researching a new car online will go straight to a search engine before even looking at manufacturer sites, reviews, and dealer websites. So it has never been more important for players in the automotive industry to be visible in search. It’s imperative to take part in the race before you have chance of winning.

At Honchō we live and breathe automotive; setting the pace with our bespoke technology to identify the biggest search opportunities for our clients using 50+ data points against business priorities. We lead the search for car manufacturers, dealerships and automotive services.

“Honchō’s paid media clients see – on average – a 15% increase in conversions within the first three months of working with us.”


Our bespoke technology identifies the biggest and quickest wins in your sector

Shift your car stock quickly with our SMARTFeed technology

100% transparent and real-time reporting

We have an integrated cross-channel approach

Whether you are a small dealership, a multi-dealership group, or a manufacturer; we make sure your brand is part of the car buyer’s journey. We ensure you are visible from the search start point to the purchase finish line, using a strategic mixture of cross-channel digital marketing tactics to drive customers to your business.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing, each automotive client needs a clever combination of services, tailored to individual business goals and market competition.

Why Honchō?

Partnering with Honchō is a commitment to bringing the best in class marketing technology to your business. We have even developed our own SMARTFeed technology that revolutionises the customer search experience by serving bespoke, price-driven ads that are completely up to date. Honchō’s team of automotive specialists have your search marketing needs covered.

Automotive Case Studies

With in-depth knowledge of the automotive landscape and an ear to the ground for emerging trends, we steer our clients towards their goals. Find out how we’ve driven success for our automotive clients by reading some of our case studies.

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