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What makes a good company culture?

What makes a good company culture?

What is company culture?

The term 'Company Culture' can often be a tricky one to define and also takes a lot
of time and effort to build.

When asked to try and explain what company culture is, my summary is:

It's the shared values, behaviours and goals that guide people within a business.
It is about the experience people have at work and how that experience aligns with
the messaging of the company.

Culture is what creates the day-to-day experience for an employee and has such a
vital impact on things like brand identity, employee engagement, retention and
wellbeing, teamwork and overall productivity.

Where do I start with building a positive company culture?

To make lasting changes, you need buy-in from all those that it will impact, so
ensure all employees are leading with the same values. Culture doesn’t just
come from one person, nor does it happen organically. It can sometimes take
months to build, so having a good understanding of what is important to your
employees is a good place to start.

(There’s no better way to understand how your culture is viewed than listening to
your employees – At Honchō, we hold quarterly anonymous surveys.)

How to improve company culture

There are many things that can support building a positive company culture, here
are 5 of my top suggestions:

1. Purpose

Create a company goal, something all employees can work towards together. Use
your company values every day as they help pull people together when working
as a team.

2. Appreciation

Employees want to be recognised for their hard work, so celebrate all wins - no
matter how small they may seem to the bigger picture.

Encourage managers to empower and be proud of their teams. Praising, rewarding,
and showcasing your employee’s work can go such a long way.

(At Honchō we use Bonus.ly – This is a great tool for employees to reward and
congratulate other employees on their hard work with points. Points = Pounds which
can be redeemed on multiple rewards through the platform).

3. Opportunities

What’s your employee’s next steps? Where are they heading? How can they grow?
These are all questions employees will be wanting to know.

Open opportunities for growth by mapping out competency framework for your
teams. Show the team where they need to be in order to achieve the next
step, and offer training and support to help get them there. Growing employees
internally not only helps them to feel valued and engaged but also can result
in long term retention.


4. Communication


Open communication and transparency is vital for creating a healthy culture.

Practise modelling the behaviour you want to see in others by showing your
willingness to listen and engage. Allow employees to share their ideas, thoughts,
and suggestions. This reverts back into point 1 and 2 above. If your employees
feel listened to, they’ll feel a sense of purpose and appreciation.

5. Well-being

Employee wellness is an essential in any workplace. It refers to employees'
emotional and physical health, which directly impacts their productivity and
overall job satisfaction.It can often be overlooked in businesses, especially when there is a goal to reach. So,
ensure you are prioritising your employee's mental health by keeping in touch and
making sure they are not burnt out.

A few things we do at Honchō to promote this:

  • We ensure employees are taking regular breaks.
  • We encourage time off with a very generous holiday package.
  • We offer all employees 5 Free sessions of confidential counselling, no questions
  • WeCare (an app that includes things like Mental health support, get fit programmes, 24-hour access to online doctors, second medical opinion etc).


Lastly, remember to measure your success, so you can look back at how much you’ve grown since starting...
Remember, celebrate the wins, no matter how small.


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