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#ThinkSearch August Wrap Up Search Highlights

With many updates and changes happening to the digital landscape in August, we’ve wrapped up some of the key changes below across SEO, PPC, digital PR and social media.

Google local question-and-answer feature
now live for mobile users

Excitingly, at the end of the month, we saw Google roll out this new feature for all mobile browsers including Android, iOS devices, and mobile Safari. This Q&A feature allows anyone on mobile to ask a question directly to a company who is visible on Google Maps. Simply type a question in the box and the company owners will get a notification to respond back to the user, thus improving the user experience and 2-way communication directly in SERPs.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 15.08.15

Google tests updating mobile search with the
Infinite Scroll feature

Interestingly, Google is testing a new feature on mobile removing the option to click next at the bottom of the search results page. Instead, users would be able to click ‘see more results’, which would keep the current page open, continually loading new results.

Why is Google testing this feature out? Well, we are in an era whereby user experience really does come first. If this feature rolls out, it would make it easier for customers to access lower ranking pages, which in turn would drive a slight increase in impressions to websites ranking lower down in the SERPs.

August thinksearch highlights

Toyota uses emoji targeting in social video campaign

To promote the Camry midsize Sedan, Toyota has released a new campaign aiming to get in touch with consumers’ feelings by using emoji targeting. Creating 83 unique videos which feature Camry drivers with quite interesting emoji heads, each video is designed to match a person’s online mood based on which emoji video they have shared.


Videos can now be uploaded to Google Maps local listings

If you are on an Android device, you’ll find you’re able to upload videos to your Google Maps local listings. Currently, your videos can be uploaded from three different areas being a place’s page, your contributions or using your Google photos or gallery app.

This opens a whole new element to Google Maps, through being able to take your online customer on a tour of where you are based, your local area, reviews or perhaps even show-off your lovely staff who work for you to give a better insight into the culture. Bridging the gap between on and offline, we’re excited for where this is heading. No doubt this will be rolled out to other devices soon – stay tuned!


Google announces better, simpler ad rotation settings

You may have seen our blog post by PPC Account Manager, Mark, updating on the changes happening to the AdWords platform. In simple terms, Google is shaking up the ad rotation optimisation by removing some of the options and replacing with simpler options. What does this mean for advertisers? Read the full post here for more information.


Instagram Stories get emotional

Feeling under the weather? Instagram stories continue to develop, whereby you can now decide what ‘weather’ emotion you are with their new face filters. Not only that, Instagram stories have also announced they are coming to the web allowing desktop and mobile users to view stories posted by people they follow and eventually will allow users on the desktop versions to post to stories too!


Forbes and Entrepreneur & Inc. make all
their backlinks ‘no-follow’

Backlinks are an essential part of building a website’s authority, due to the ‘link juice’ being carried over to your website from links embedded in an article. However, in August we saw both Forbes and Entrepreneur & Inc. change their strategies on this matter, now only placing ‘no-follow’ links.


Augment performance data with Bing Ad Labels

In the coming weeks, labels will be rolled out to all Bing Ads accounts worldwide. For advertisers, this will simply make it easier to manage your PPC account effectively.


More opportunities for businesses to increase
direct conversions on Google My Business

Whether you have a restaurant or shop, Google My Business now lets businesses add quick links to your local results for customers to easily place orders, book an appointment or reserve a table. This is hoped to increase direct actions by the customer through landing on a page which is specific to their search needs. In turn, businesses should expect to see increased conversions as a result. 


Do you have any search highlights from August? Comment below or Tweet us at @Honcho_Search.

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