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Why Dealerships Should Be Using Facebook Inventory Ads

In the mobile age that we live in today, people are changing the way they go about their purchases. Shoppers now go to great extents to find the perfect product, trawling through the internet to find the best deals and rigorously scanning reviews. This is particularly notable in the automotive industry. Social media is becoming a key component of the customer journey for automotive shoppers.

44% of automotive consumers say they learn about new car launches on social media or messaging services and 77% say posts on social media would make them consider buying or leasing a new auto model.

A key Paid Social ad type that is helping drive car dealerships forward in the digital age is Facebook Inventory Ads. Here are our top 5 Reasons why:

1) More coverage of your cars equals more sales!

Using Facebook targeting, car catalogues can be placed in front of users that have engaged with content & pages that are relevant to the cars in your inventory. Creating vehicle sets and placing in front of strategically created audiences of those who have relevant interests is a great way of prospecting, driving more traffic to your site and ultimately more enquiries.

2) Location targeting

Using location tags pulled from the inventory feed on your website, locations can be used to ensure cars that are only available in certain locations are only shown to users that are within the targeted area of the campaign. Ultimately this helps drive higher conversion rates.

3) It’s all automated

If you’re fortunate enough to have an automotive product feed on your site, you’re able to directly pull this into Facebook to create product catalogues. This allows key information like price, location, colour, mileage and much more to be pulled directly into your creatives, enabling the user to see the model-specific information they’re interested in. When offers or stock are no more, the feed automatically updates ensuring that all your ads only contain real-time accurate information.

4) Facebook automotive inventory ads enable an always-on remarketing approach

Creating remarketing campaigns for every car in your inventory would require a lot of effort and time. However, with inventory ads, we can have one advert that includes your entire vehicle inventory and will show a vehicle that the user has previously viewed, populating the ad with an image of the vehicle as well as key information that we select. This works great for an “always-on” remarketing approach.

5) Drive enquiries to focus areas

Facebook automotive inventory ads provide a cost-effective solution to drive enquiries for areas of focus for your business. With inventory ads, vehicle sets can be created to include models that are key to the goals of your business, allowing ad spend to be focused to the areas that will provide strong returns for your business.

If you are looking for specialist Automotive Paid Social support to get your dealership noticed then get in touch with us on 01438 870 220 or by filling out our contact form.

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