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How to Plan Ahead for Reactive Content

Have you ever seen a great piece of content and wish you had created it; to have been quicker to react to the trend or event? 

Sometimes, that seemingly reactive piece may have been in the works for a while with teams collecting data, analysing trends and preparing content behind the scenes. 

With Bridgerton being aired today, we can expect that Google will be going off with Bridgerton related terms. So, our question to you is, are you prepared? 

Already this year we have seen a spike in general terms such as ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Bridgerton release date’, but as soon as viewers start watching the show, they’ll have a heap of questions they want answered. 

Along with questions, they’ll also be inspired. Whether it be fashion, days out to Castle Howard, or hairstyles as seen in the latest episodes. There is going to be a huge audience with questions and if prepared, you can be there to answer these questions. 

For example, let’s have a look at what search results show for Bridgerton decor: 

Bridgerton Decor Google

As you can see, blogs from when Series 1 aired are coming up first, with zero keywords being targeted with ads. 

This could be a huge opportunity for homeware brands, as I expect search volume to drastically increase over the coming weeks. 


Bridgerton is set between 1813 and 1827 and is known as the Regency-era. Now, we understand that fashion has come a long way since then and many easily accessible brands won’t be selling Regency style dresses, however, we know people will be searching anyway. 

When I googled ‘Bridgerton clothing’, this is what I was met with: 

Google Results for Bridgerton Clothing

A range of dresses that could be Regency era inspired, however, when I searched Bridgerton into many of the search boxes within Shein, BooHoo and River Island, I was met with ‘no results found’. 

Google Results Bridgerton BooHoo
River Island Bridgerton
Shein Bridgerton

However, we kind of hoped ASOS wouldn’t disappoint… and they didn’t! 

ASOS Bridgerton

ASOS is prepped and ready to go with 2,451 items labelled as ‘Bridgerton’

And if you’re wondering what else people are searching for, Google tells you! If, like ASOS, you’re prepared and ready with various content pieces and landing pages, get ready for the traffic to come rolling in thick and fast over the next few weeks. 

Bridgerton Related Searches

Let’s look at how brands’ content calendars usually look

Many brands focus on the key seasonal dates throughout the year: Season changes, Black Friday, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day.. you get the gist. 

However, have you considered adding an element of pop culture into the mix? 

Recently we wrote a blog on The Potential of Search Marketing and we highlighted that 15% of searches had never been searched before. So, where did they come from? 

My bet is new events, tv shows and inspirational pop culture have a part to play in this. 

With there being, on average, 5.6 billion Google searches per day, Search is a little gem in the wide ocean that is marketing. 

Planning ahead 

You may have missed the boat with Bridgerton, but there are thousands of opportunities out there that you can take advantage of. 

Use this list to find some key events to inspire your calendar 

  • Sporting events 
  • Live TV, Netflix, DisneyPlus and Amazon – They all give you release dates 
  • Film releases 
  • Live music events – Think Glastonbury 

Then let this list inspire you. 

Think creatively. 

Think outside of the box. 

Think about what people want the answers to. 

And most importantly, think ahead! 

Or let us do the thinking for you. 

We would love to show you what our team can do to support your reactive content, just give us a nudge here

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