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Summer Survival Guide for Remote Workers

Summer Survival Guide for Remote Workers

Summer is FINALLY here. At least the meteorological summer is. And after many months of rain and cold weather, warmer and longer days couldn’t come any quicker.

It’s hard to explain, but there’s just something about that vibe when the sun’s out.

The smell of barbecue fills the air, we socialise more outdoors, and, whether you like to admit it or not, the drinks taste that tiny bit sweeter and fresher.

This is probably explained by the increased release of serotonin we get from exposure to sunlight. Serotonin, known as the ‘feel good’ chemical, helps us feel more focused, emotionally stable, calmer and generally happier.

Summer, however, can be a challenge for remote workers. So, at Honchō, we decided to do something about it by creating a summer survival guide.

In this guide, we outline common issues that remote workers often encounter when working from home in the summer months.

Don’t worry we also provide you with some solutions to help stay locked in, while also making the most of the hot weather!


Challenges of WFH During the Summer

We all want to spend as much time outdoors when it’s hot and sunny. That’s just human nature. Our Honchōs all agreed that they’d find it very difficult to stay inside when it’s sunny, too.

In fact, we regularly make the most of our beautiful Hertfordshire office space to work outside when the sun comes out to play. And the benefit of still being in a professional environment is that our productivity doesn’t drop.

But not everyone’s as lucky as we are, and for remote workers, this isn’t always an option.

There are several challenges to be wary of when working from home when it’s hot and sunny.

So, let’s address them!


Dealing with the Heat


If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen – or in this case, the home office.

Here’s the problem.

During the warmer months, working from home can get very stuffy, very quickly – especially if you live somewhere without outside access (garden, patio, etc).

Higher temperatures have been shown to negatively affect your overall comfort and productivity. That’s because when you feel hot and bothered, and sticky and sweaty, all you can think about is how to cool yourself down!

Plus, when it’s too hot, cognitive function can suffer. This makes it so much harder to think straight and process information.

Essentially, meetings + unbearable heat = avoid at all costs!

Here are some solutions.

The first and perhaps most obvious solution to combat the heat is to turn on the fan or air conditioning. This will help to create a cooler and more comfortable environment. If none of these are options, one of our remote Honchōs suggests closing your blinds and keeping the window open to keep the sunrays out and the fresh air rolling in.

Most importantly, when it’s hot outside, don’t be scared to go on a walk and take regular breaks! This can help you cool down, keep your mind fresh and keep your productivity up while getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Here’s some food for thought from one of our remote Honchōs:

“When it’s hot and sunny outside, it can be really difficult to not want to go and sit outdoors. But, when you’re working from home, your home is your office, and sometimes I forget that this includes my garden!”

Oh, and as a general rule, don’t forget to stay hydrated and have a cool drink on hand throughout your workday.


The Temptation of the Sun

Here’s the problem.

While we all love summer for its relaxed vibe, it’s precisely that laid-back feeling that can make it difficult for us to stay disciplined.

As soon as the sun comes out, all we want to do is pop on some shorts, grab a cold drink and bask in the glory of the sun. Is that too much to ask?

At Honchō, we believe you can do that and still be productive during the workday.

Here are some solutions.

The important thing is to not restrict yourself from going outside if that’s what you want to do.

Try and break up your day by taking short but frequent breaks. It can be as simple as making a cup of tea and sipping it outside. Or during your longer lunch break, consider going for a walk, eating in a park or meeting up with friends. This way you still fit some leisurely activities into your workday schedule.

You can also sit outside while you work for a change of scenery. If you feel like you’re unable to sit in the sun and fully concentrate, we suggest knocking off tasks that don’t require as much concentration, like checking and responding to emails, for example.

Here’s a bonus tip: you may also find, like many, that the sun makes it difficult to see your laptop screen. Try building a makeshift cardboard box holder. That way your screen is stays in the shade and your laptop doesn’t overheat.


WFH with children


Here’s the problem.

Maintaining a work routine can be especially demanding if you have children at home during the summer holidays. Understandably, having to watch them while you work can be distracting and disrupt your flow.

One of our Honchōs mentioned how her child has six weeks off, which can seem very long. Trying to strike a balance between holiday clubs, spending time with her and work can be a challenge.

As a result, you can find yourself actually working longer hours – starting earlier and finishing later.

Here are some solutions.

To stay focused while working from home with children during the summer, it's crucial to set clear work hours and let your children know when you’re busy. You can create specific spots for work and play, and keep them engaged with fun activities and educational tech throughout the day. If you can, adjust your hours and coordinate with your partner for shared duties. Talk to your employer about your situation for some flexibility, too.

Finally, establish routines like morning, bedtime, and quiet time, and don’t forget to take care of yourself by managing expectations and practicing self-care.

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, embracing these strategies will ensure you can relish the joys of summer while maintaining your productivity and balance.


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