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How To Add Organization Schema To Shopify

Adding Organization Schema Manually, without Apps or Addons.

Currently, there isn’t much support out there for businesses on Shopify trying to make tweaks and optimisations to improve SEO. In this article, we’ll go over how to implement Schema markup without addons, all you’ll need is a very basic understanding of the Shopify platform as well as Schema markup

To implement Organization, Website or LocalBusiness Schema they’re essentially the same process, so we’ll cover Organization below as I’d assume it will be the most popular.

Before actioning the below I’d recommend running your page templates through Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to avoid any duplication.

Step 1: Create your Schema markup (JSON-LD)

Using the Schema markup builder tool from tehnicalseo.com create your Organization schema and copy the JSON-LD.

As Seen below, for “My Business”…

Merkle - Organization Schema Creator

Step 2: Creating your snippet file in Shopify

Log-in to your store and follow: Online shop > Themes > Actions > Edit Code. Alternatively search “themes” in the search bar at the top of your dashboard click Actions > Edit Code


This is where things can get slightly intimidating but we are only making minimal changes so we shouldn’t do any damage.

In the left-hand navigation, scroll down, open the snippets folder and click “Add a new snippet”. You can name this snippet whatever you’d like but I’d use something easy to understand if you ever need to make changes i.e. “organizationschema”.

Shopify Edit Code - Create a new snippet

Paste your Organizaition Schema (JSON-LD) into the empty field and hit save. Make sure to add div and script tags.

Adding a snippet to Shopify

Step 3: Adding our new Schema snippet to the homepage

In the left-hand navigation,locate the “index.liquid” file which will be within the template directory

Then enter replacing “snippet-name” with your file name from step 2 and press save.

Worth noting if you copy the above code, sometimes there are formatting issues, ensure your “snippet-name” is in teal within the Shopify online editor, like in the image.

Step 4: Test

Using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool enter your home page URL and test if it works.


Need further assistance?

Shopify is getting quite a bit of flak from the SEO community is lumped into the same categories as other “out the box” platforms such as Wix, Square space etc. while there are individuals on both sides that have fair points I think the overarching message is that it’s here to stay and Shopify is only growing for now, so we need to accommodate it in our strategies.

For any other advice on the Shopify platform or SEO then get in touch

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