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Google My Business Update June 2019

Google My Business Update: 6 New Features

According to Google, Google My Business (GMB) has allowed 150 million local businesses connect with local people since launching 5 years ago. Over the years, Google has been evolving GMB allowing it to better suit the needs of its users by updating the design and making it easier to use on mobile. GMB continues to be a central point for local SEO, meaning these updates could potentially affect your local online visibility.

Google are continuously bettering the experience of GMB, bringing customers and business together. If your businesses doesn’t have a profile, check out these 5 reasons why you should be on GMB.

Last week, Google rolled out an update to GMB profiles by adding 6 new features that can better connect businesses and its people. Let’s take a look at what has been added.

1. Welcome offers

2. Short names & URLs

3. Cover photos

4. Prominent logos

5. Photo displays

6. Offline materials

Welcome Offers

As more than half of online customers are searching for a good deal, GMB now allows businesses to offer their customers offers/deals in return for a follow on Google maps. The first time they follow a company, they can be rewarded with a deal from the business turning them into loyal customers.

Short Names & URLs

Business owners can now claim shorter name and URLs for their companies to help users find them easily as well as being able to send them back to their profile to get updates and make bookings. Within the coming months, Google will be adding a feature that allows you to search this shorter name in Google maps.

Cover Photos

Businesses are now able to express personality by being able to upload a cover photo as we do on social media. Previously, this was something we were not able to set.

Prominent Logos

For those companies that fill out their core business information, their logos are now going to be visible in the top right-hand corner of the page allowing for the company to stand out and be more prominent. This is another great opportunity for more branding.

GMB Profile Honchō | Honchō Blog
Image from Google

Photo Displays

Businesses will be able to upload images to their GMB profile, which will be instantly visible in a new dynamic module. This is great for a business to show what they are really about. Captions will soon be added so companies can use the images to tell a story.

Offline Materials

Google has just launched a new website that helps businesses easily download customer marketing assets. You can get stickers, posters and social media posts onto your business profile, all for free! It’s a great way to show off the unique side of your business!

Bonus feature for 5% of the best performing GMB profiles

To reward those businesses already offering amazing experiences through GMB, Google is rewarding the top 5% best performers by adding them to a ‘local favorite’ category. These lucky businesses will also receive a digital and physical ‘badge of honour’ which will help users find and interact with them more easily.

So, what do you think of these 6 new features? Are they allowing your local business to get closer to your customers? Let us know on Twitter.

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