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Google Announces .day Domain and Here’s What It Could Look Like

Last Tuesday (25/1/22), Google Registry announced they would be launching .day as a top level domain with weekday based companies rapidly swooping in to get one. Simply put, you can buy a web domain as .day rather than .co.uk or .com, opening up a wealth of branding and marketing opportunities.

For example, the World Wildlife Fund has snapped up wildlife.day to bring awareness to their cause on the internationally recognised World Wildlife Day, which is March 3rd. Likewise Rednose.day was purchased by Comic Relief and MLK.day by NAACP. It’s not just charities that jumped on board though, with brands such as florists buying up Valentines.day, and wedding planners capturing wedding.day.

With all these potential new domains now up for grabs, we set our best creative minds to come up with the websites we may be about to see in the near future, and we picked out 10 of them for your pleasure (at time of writing, these domains were available).

1. Dooms.day

Starting off on a positive note, this could be a link to the infamous doomsday clock maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. This metaphorical timepiece is supposed to monitor how close humanity is to a man-made catastrophe with it being in place since 1947. Initially warning us off the dangers of nuclear war it now suggests we are just ‘100 seconds to midnight’ (with midnight being the point at which disaster strikes) with climate change, global conflict, and a myriad of other things that could end life as we know it.

2. Domes.day

The Domesday book was a document commissioned by William the Conqueror to better get to know his newly acquired kingdom that included England and Wales. As such, all of the counties and towns (at the time) of the region weree documented in this tome and so the website could just be a link to all the counties of England and Wales. Alternatively, the book itself is in the public domain so it could just link to a pdf of that.

3. Thebig.day

We’ve already mentioned that one wedding planning organisation has secured wedding.day and another might be keen to get their hands on this domain. Or it could act as a countdown clock where you input the date of your nuptials and it ticks down until that exact moment.

4. LetsCallItA.day

On the other side of the coin, divorce lawyers could set-up quick and easy online divorce proceedings via this website. If you were a real cynic, perhaps the same organisation could buy this domain and the one above to run the whole gamut of a relationship. Although, that’s a very dark way of looking at it.

5. Away.day

Big sports fan? Want to go to the next match or game but don’t know when tickets are released? Keep an eye on away.day to know when the next sporting event of note near you is on.

6. TransferDeadline.day

Following on in a similar vein, eager football fans who want to keep track of all the comings and goings at their club might be keen to see a website like this where they can just find all of the ins and outs of who has ended up where, in one place. There could even be a feature for Spurs fans to show you all the names of who your club has missed out on.

7. Independence.day

Want to know when a country gained their independence? Simply log onto independence.day and choose the nation you want to learn more about. On the other hand, a film studio might want to get the domain as a useful tool for promoting the works of rapper/actor Will Smith.

8. Holi.day

The perfect domain for a travel agency or flight planner. Want to book a holiday? Just head to holi.day.

9. Pay.day

Need to see if you have enough funds for that holiday? Use an income tracker at pay.day to know when your next payslip drops.

10. Dayto.day

A simple calendar tool or web connected organiser to help you manage your daily tasks. We could all sometimes do with one of these.

Whilst these ideas may seem a little silly, there’s a lot of potential in these new domains. If you do choose to set up an online presence for your business, Honcho can help you with search, social and content.

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