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Employer of the Year 2017 Award

Thrilled to announce that we’ve won the Employer of the Year 2017 award at the SME Hertfordshire business ceremony last night! This award is ultimately a testament to the people we have working here at iThinkMedia – if we look after our staff, we can be confident they’ll look after the business through and through.

SME Herts Awards iThinkMedia Employer of the Year 2017

Without our hard working, dedicated and specialist staff members, iThinkMedia wouldn’t be what it has become today. Since starting the business in 2008, a real focus has been on providing the best environment for our staff to thrive.

Chris, who set up iThinkMedia says: “This is a fantastic award to win because it shows how much we value each other at iThinkMedia. It’s the amazing people we have employed that creates our culture and makes us who we are. If your staff enjoy where they work then they’ll ultimately be more engaged, producing higher quality work and customer service to our clients as a result. I’m proud to have created a workplace with an atmosphere of trust, integrity, passion and drive. We work hard for our clients and make time to play hard too!”

SME Herts Employer of the Year 2017 iThinkMedia

So what do our staff have to say about life at iThinkMedia? We’ve gone round the agency and got a couple of quotes that really sums up what life at iThinkMedia us all about.

A place to progress your career

“Having been here for over two years now, iThinkMedia has really provided me with a platform to excel my career and the best part is there is no limit on what you can achieve. Ultimately they put the ethos in you that if you want to do something then run with it and make it a success – no one is going to stop you from achieving your ambitions. Having a supportive, knowledgeable team around really helps and of course, it’s great we can have a good laugh on a daily basis too!”  Katie, Content Manager

“I joined iThinkMedia 3 years ago. Since that time, I’ve been given the freedom to move around each of the different departments, which has really allowed me to hone my digital marketing skills and really excel my career.” Amy, PPC Executive

Great fun in the office

“I have been working at iThinkMedia for almost 2 years as part of the content team. Since joining I have been able to progress, develop and learn a wide range of skills within my role. Everyone is really supportive of each other and great fun to work with.” Sophie, Project Manager


Many staff perks

“I joined iThinkMedia because the team are passionate about what they do and work on cutting-edge projects. Also, the swimming pool and tennis courts were very enticing! As the newest recruit I’ve found everyone to be friendly and I’ve learned a vast amount from them already.” Natalie, Digital PR Specialist

One big family

“iThinkMedia is unlike anywhere I have ever worked before. The moment you walk through the door, you instantly become one of the team, and most importantly, one of the family. When you are in need of a helping hand, someone is always there to help you. When you need to have your boundaries stretched, someone will always push you beyond your limits.” Mellisa, Content Executive

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