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Q&A with Jade Halstead, Marketing Manager

Get to know Jade, our new Marketing Manager. We sat down with her after a few weeks of getting stuck in and getting acquainted with Honchō to learn about her career, past experience (including working with big cats) and her hobbies.

So, Jade, how did you get into the industry?

Whilst living and working in Thailand as a big cat keeper, I supported a colleague with digital marketing for the safari and absolutely loved it. When I moved home I started studying and reading about marketing whilst reaching out to nearby agencies and within 2-3 weeks I had my first role within marketing as an Account Executive.

Wow, from working with tigers to a 9-5 😅 What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love collaboration and being creative; coming up with little ideas and watching them flourish into great campaigns.

Sounds like you’ve had some big successes from little ideas. What’s your favourite client you’ve worked with?

Castle Triathlon Series is my favourite client to date, they’re such a fab team with incredible events. They are the reason I started road cycling and competing in triathlons too.

Ah, so you’re into your fitness! What would you say is the best achievement in your career so far?

Landing my role at Honchō, obviously.

No seriously, I’m proud of me.

Sounds like you’ve had some varied experience. Any tips or advice for your younger self or others starting in the industry?

5 things I would say to my younger self 👇

  • Study other people who are crushing it
  • Don’t put up with awful bosses – EVER
  • Get yourself a mentor
  • Personal development will take you places – Get a therapist, learn about yourself and run far from toxic relationships
  • Back yourself

Tell us more about you – what does that perfect weekend look like for you?

Most weekends I have the ideal weekend (except when it rains).

Saturday: CrossFit and weightlifting followed by coffee with the girls. Then a little later, a long afternoon walk with the Collie. Topped off with a homemade kebab or a trip to the pub.

Sunday: either more CrossFit or cycling depending on the weather, followed by an adventure with my 7-year-old twins.

That’s an active weekend 😅 Bet you have some interesting hobbies

I have a few… I like to keep moving.

  • CrossFit and weightlifting is my true love.
  • Cycling and triathlons (when I can be bothered to swim)
  • Reading – I LOVE personal development and psychology books
  • Horse Riding
  • Dance (This is a new one but… Drum roll please… I’m going to be in a theatre show next year. I’ll let you know when tickets go on sale)

You’re pretty driven. What’s your life motto?

Try and try and never give up!

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