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MKGO: Our Top Three PR Takeaways

Arriving at my first #MKGO, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. For a networking event that already promised to ditch cringey name tags and offer a free bar, I was intrigued. I was surprised to see such a mix of digital marketers from all sorts of backgrounds – SEO, PPC, Content, Copywriting, Digital PR, and digital software developers – alongside smaller businesses looking to pick up some tips and advice from the sessions.

My top three takeaways from MKGO

1. “Resonate, resonate, resonate”

This was Digital PR Consultant Aliyah Loughlan’s top PR tip. Aliyah said the best press pitches are those that understand their business’ “why” and story, so can resonate with the magazine or website’s readers – I 100% agree, it is the same goal as the journalist writing the story!

2. SEO is ever-changing for busy industries like travel

It’s important to slice information in different ways for different audiences, according to TravelSupermarket’s Rob Kingdom. Rob’s point evolved through a Q&A discussion and explored how a certain degree of customers’ recommendations or decision-making conversations will be in encrypted environments like WhatsApp, that brands will not be able to access in the future. Something I hadn’t really considered up until this point, it’ll be interesting to see how brands tap into those conversations.

3. Appeal and connect with different content

There’s a psychology of language and persuasion, and this is very apparent in PR, said Aira’s Aoife O’Connor. Apparently there are two systems in our brain, one subconscious and impulsive, and one logical and deliberate. Different PR stories – case studies and research or statistics – appeal to different parts of these brains.

MKGO - Aoife O'Connor

Aoife’s tips got me thinking what three pieces of advice I would share for any brands starting to think about PR, or brands looking to boost their existing media exposure. From what I’ve learnt in my past six years in the industry, these are my top three PR tips:

1. Get a new perspective

Host a session with a group of people (that reflect all demographics) to understand what it is that you’re trying to say to press – is it news? Would they care to read about it? If not, don’t waste their time or yours. It’s not always easy when you work closely in-house or on your own brand to step back and see your proposition from an outside perspective.

2. Use real-life examples

Aoife mentioned the power of case studies, and this is so important if you’re trying to cut through the noise with your brand or company name. Do you have a story of a customer you have really helped that you can share? Think about how you can illustrate your concept. People are much more likely to read about how a retailer’s jeans have transformed someone’s body confidence, than a brand saying its jeans are the best yet.

3. Form relationships

Journalists are human too. If they take the time to write about your brand or company or client, don’t just leave it there – thank them. It starts a meaningful relationship. Too many get sidetracked on the success and impact of media coverage before remembering to thank the journalist who helped you get there!

A big thank you and shoutout to the organisers of #MKGO – Aira Digital – for a fantastic and insightful event. It was great to meet so many people from the digital marketing industry under one roof! Consider me signed up to the 6th event in October already.

Let us know if you were at MKGO. What were your top takeaways? Comment below or tweet us at @Honcho_Search.

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