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14 reasons why outreach can boost the success of your next marketing campaign

Honchō’s marketing experts live and breathe retail and automotive outreach. From large scale PR press releases to blogger relationships, our Digital PR and Outreach service can boost the success for your next marketing campaign. Here are our top 14 reasons for why you should action an outreach strategy in order to get the most out of your next digital marketing campaign.

1. Increase in conversions

You are likely to get a higher rate of conversions when implementing an effective outreach strategy. An excellent outreach strategy contains many components so make sure to check out our 14 elements every outreach campaign should have. This is due to the overall increase in traffic and brand awareness outreach will gain for your website. Simply, more traffic to your site, the higher the chance of sales!

2. Moving up the SERPs

Depending on the goals of your campaign, what determines your success may vary. However, appearing in the top search results for a query will benefit you in the long run. This is because you will get more clicks to your site from the top SERPs. As a result, you will notice an increase in traffic, and in turn, a boost in brand awareness and conversions.

3. Outreach will bring you referral traffic

Being linked to by influential websites can result in their quality traffic following that link to your website. From this, you are likely to get the right traffic to your website. This will result in increased brand awareness, a potential increase in sales and conversions on your website.

Your campaign will benefit greatly with this referral traffic because it will get you the impressions and CTR you’re after. All of this will boost your website’s overall SEO, resulting in increased search visibility. If your campaign is focused on online visibility and brand awareness, referral traffic will definitely help achieve this.

4.Outreach will boost the value of your content

Building quality links between your content and third party sites will boost the value or Expertise Accuracy Trust (EAT) of your website. Third party sites that show EAT are those that produce expert content, with accurate information that users and other sources of information trust. Altogether, these qualities signal to Google a high quality website that is the best result to be presented at the top of the SERPs.

This can only be achieved through effective outreach. Without this shared link juice from high EAT websites, your content is likely to stay dormant. As a result, this can signal negatively to Google. It implies that your content is not helpful due to the lack of backlinks from other websites. Therefore, Google will be less inclined to show your content in the top positions.

Digital PR and Outreach | Honchō Blog

5. Creates long term relationships with influencers

Bloggers, journalists and influencers are an integral part of outreach and campaign success. Creating online relationships will help with your SEO and brand awareness campaigns. Not only will this help short term but the long term relationship will lead to future work for different campaigns or clients you may have, ensuring quick win links. This is why outreach is so important because it utilises the technical knowledge of SEO with the interpersonal skills of PR.

6. Boosts brand awareness

A successful outreach campaign will get your brand on the map (or, web!). If your goal is to increase brand awareness then you will need an outreach campaign. Creating content specialising in your niche and sending that out to bloggers and online journalists will create chatter around your brand. Having your brand name appear on the BBC website, for example, will get you the exposure you need. Or, sending out content to multiple bloggers that also write in your niche will act also as an advertisement.

7. It isn’t too costly

Hiring a digital marketing agency to conduct your outreach strategies for you is a cost-effective way of reaching your customers. For a high standard and researched outreach service, you could reach thousands of customers with a single post. With the supplement of keyword research and a quality contact list, the heavy lifting can be done for you.

8. To secure those all important links

Your campaign may be getting the exposure you were hoping for, especially when it comes to being featured on well-known publications but they don’t always deliver links. Monitoring coverage and asking for links where they have been missed has a great impact on your rankings and increases the authority of your website.

9. Increase in new customers

Getting bloggers on board as part of an influencer campaign to help support outreach efforts can help get your brand in front of new potential customers. Sending out products for review will influence blog followers to purchase the product after learning all about it.

Digital PR and Outreach | Honchō Blog

10. Influencers talking about your brand is more credible than the brand selling themselves

Having an influencer endorse your product or campaign holds a much higher impact than shouting on your main social platforms. This is because there is an obvious sense of bias on the brand’s socials; why would you not say anything good about your own product? Therefore, having an external influencer with a big following to vouch for you creates a more authentic advertisement for your brand.

11. Exposure in front of niche audiences

Sometimes, positioning your brand so you are in front of your target audience can be tricky. Especially in niche areas. Collaborating with influencers that are setting the trend in these areas is a great way in. As a result, you will get the people who are interested in your niche coming to your website.

12. Helps you to manage brand reputation

Appearing on the right websites will help you manage the brand reputation of your campaign. Being mentioned or featured on established sites within your niche will help maintain site traffic. In this, you can control your reputation by attracting your campaign’s target demographic. A better reputation, more traffic and more conversions.

13. Opportunity to build trust quickly

Creating content, engaging with your audience and getting product reviews can help build brand trust. The more interactive you are with your audience, the more they will trust you. Having influencers on board giving an honest opinion of your products and brand is a quick way to get buy-in from potential customers. Involving your audience to contribute to your content or giving them the opportunity to try out products is a great approach to support your campaign.

14. Aids content strategy

The content that influencers produce to support your campaign will more than likely be evergreen and will be useful for repurposing in the future. Influencers are always interested in creating content such as videos and visuals that can be used again and again. It is also useful to share influencer content to fill the gaps in your own content strategy.

In conclusion, your next digital marketing campaign needs outreach because, without it, you’re likely to stay dormant. Gaining quality links from third party websites within your niche is super influential on your online visibility. Without these backlinks supporting your campaign, it is likely the success will not be as impactful. In terms of SEO and brand awareness, quality backlinks are gold dust!

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