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Paid Social

Connect with potential buyers on social media through advanced audience targeting

Social media advertising is growing faster than ever. In 2018, 55% of people bought a product online that they discovered through social channels. Accounting for a quarter of all internet usage, social is the place to showcase your products.

Actively invest in social advertising to broaden your existing audience. Now an established channel for customer acquisition, remarketing and customer engagement, social is a key player in any digital marketing strategy. Increase your conversions and ROI, and boost your social presence with paid social.

Social advertising with Honchō

It goes deeper than account management. Our strategies are tailored to your brand for each social platform based on the test and learn approach. We are always aligned with the latest trends and features rolled out by social platforms, thanks to our strong relationships with Facebook and Instagram.


Insights directly inform the planning and optimisation of your campaigns.


Attract existing and new customers with interesting targeted content, and campaigns to drive interaction.

From product discovery to campaign evaluation


You know who your customers are. We use this information to devise tailored strategies for different platforms.


We refine consumer insights and audience data to build lookalike audiences.


Capturing a range of demographics for iconic photography brand Fujifilm through a six-month targeted ad campaign, generating 400,889 clicks and 44 million impressions across 15 countries, with the CoS at 3.77% for 1,029 units on AMS.

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“Honchō have helped us elevate our PPC and SEO performance; taking it to the next level. In every metric they have exceeded expectations, but most importantly for us, our PPC cost-per-sale is down and our converting organic traffic has increased. We’re excited to see what the future holds for us with Honchō’s unique expert insight.”

Jonathan Lingham, Head of Marketing, Pentagon


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March 2021 Social Updates

March 2021 Social Updates