Dashboard Doubts - Digital PR campaign for Group 1 Automotive designed to illuminate and engage

Group 1 Automotive – an international Fortune 500 automotive retailer – has been working with Honchō since 2016. 

We created an online quiz that tested people's knowledge on common car dashboard signals and achieved over 170 links to the page from high authority publications. 

Unparallelled advanced technical SEO from the start line for Group 1 Automotive







With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Group 1 Automotive is always seeking ways to engage and educate its audience. 

Which is why they wanted to answer the question "How many of us truly understand the dashboard symbols in the cars we rely on daily?". 

Our challenge was to conduct quantitative research to uncover the answer, while simultaneously driving (pun intended) traffic to Group 1’s website to further the education of their audience. 



The first step in the campaign was understanding the baseline. We conducted a survey among 2,000 drivers nationwide to understand their familiarity with dashboard symbols. The results were eye-opening: despite an overwhelming 8 in 10 respondents claiming confidence in their knowledge of these symbols, the average British driver could only recognise and identify 45% of them. 

The next stage of our campaign with Group 1 involved creating an on-site game. Users were challenged to match the correct dashboard symbol with its name. Not only did this engage the audience directly on Group 1’s site, but it also provided journalists with valuable data as well as an asset worth linking to in order to complete their stories. 




Our technical SEO strategy was underpinned by the ultimate goal of improving the user experience and making it super easy for search engines to crawl, index and rank content.

Our immediate focus was to get the basics right and achieve excellence in building strong foundations, using our knowledge of the automotive landscape. Once the performance of the site was significantly enhanced, it was time to unlock more advanced strategies.




We built a feature which allowed users to see a more personalised used car inventory, dependent on their location or where they were accessing the website from.

With a constantly changing inventory and new cars being sold and uploaded all the time, we created an automated solution to manage and ease the process. When new pages are added with listings, they now just automatically populate with unique content that is aligned to the users’ questions and interest for the specific model.

We aligned user needs with the taxonomy. Based on our extensive research of the automotive landscape, we identified new opportunities within the used car search results. Benefits to the end customer from these developments are that they can refine their search and find the right car model for their needs. 

We optimised the CDN caching set-up, allowing us to enhance the performance of the site significantly.



When the campaign went live, we saw some great results. The game page quickly became the most popular destination on the site with an impressive 1,720 sessions and an average time on site of 2 minutes and 2 seconds. 

The campaign page, which showcased the game’s results, became the 4th most popular news article on their site, with 986 sessions. 

Our success didn’t stop there. The campaign received widespread coverage, with 175 pieces of media featuring it and linking back to the campaign page. Major publications such as Yahoo! News, MSN, The National and more joined in, each with an average domain authority of 55. The rise in attention results in a significant increase in traffic to the Group 1 Automotive website, making ‘Dashboard Doubts’ the top-performing article on the site.

Group 1 Automotive
By addressing a common but often overlooked aspect of driving, Group 1 Automotive not only educated its audience but also generated significant buzz and traffic.


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