Digital Project Manager (Up to £55k)

The project manager will be responsible for supporting a portfolio of our clients with the aim of maintaining and improving efficiency and productivity working with various departments in the business. As a Digital Project Manager, you will be managing delivery of work for some of our top tier clients making your role vital! You’ll ensure that project specifications are delivered on, prepare quotes for new work, upsells, cross-sells, attend client meetings to keep them in the loop, and support any client queries.

The Project Manager role is pivotal to the success of our client PODs and the company. This person needs to be an uber efficient, highly organised individual who is a strategic problem solver and keen to work in a dynamic environment. Having the drive and mind set to innovate and optimise processes and implement new ideas will be a rewarding and exciting part of this role. The Project Manager will work closely with the Client Services Director and other stakeholders to support the growing needs and opportunities of the business through its next phase of growth.

The primary functions of the Project Manager include:

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Define project team (internally and externally)
  • To project manage the resource in the agency to include scheduling and direction of team
  • Ensure client tasks and projects are delivered within the time required to make the project profitable to the highest quality.
  • Communicate project plans and job status to clients at least weekly if not daily (if there are changes for any reason)
  • Foresee and solve problems around delivery issues
  • Plan all tasks and projects that are delivered through the business, minimising the mistakes or overservicing that could cause delay in service delivery.
  • Document all the processes in the business relating to delivery of services (from sales, client on boarding to project handover).
  • Ensure project documentation is signed and project stages or jobs are formally signed off
  • Ensures that timesheets and invoices correlate accurately where the scope is project based, so there is no missed billing invoicing
  • Focus on pushing as much revenue through the P&L and utilisation
  • Advise COO/Head of Talent /HR on positive/negative resourcing requirements at least two months ahead of requirements (this requires regular communication with senior management to analyse the pipeline).
  • Project manage internal projects

The project management role assists with these overall business objectives:

  • Helps visualise our unique approach / project management methodology to delivery
  • Managing of time management system helps us to understand who is booked out on what resource/projects in the future.
  • Helps us to identify where the gaps are on resource that need to be sold (& provide reports that can be fed back to account managers and senior leadership team)
  • When processes fail, helps us to review why and process to prevent the same issue happening again.
  • Records all of the billability and efficiency of the time.
  • Manages under or over servicing of clients.
  • Prevents unnecessary scope creep by ensuring that what is delivered is within scope.
  • Helps to manage third party contractors and third-party agencies working in partnership on projects delivery.
  • Helps us to work with individuals in the team to understand how best they can improve the efficiency in the delivery of their services.
  • Assists in the recruitment of billable people to ensure that they have the right skills to deliver projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Help support resource planning as demand increases.
  • Assists with revenue recognition on projects.

The project manager should think in ‘person-day terms’ not ‘money terms’

Desired/Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Leadership experience (D)
  • Excellent Communication skills (E)
  • Experience of risk management (D)
  • Cost Management (D)
  • Negotiation experience (D)
  • Critical Thinking (D)
  • Task Management (E)

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