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Spire Healthcare

Regaining premium ad position from competitors
who are trying to poach

Client: Spire Healthcare
Services: PPC

-49%Reduction in cost-per-click by almost half (-49%)
38%Boosted ROAS by 38%
14%Organic traffic saw a 14% uplift in sessions as a result of a reduction in sponsored ads

Business challenge

Being at the top of the SERPs is competitive. Being at the top of the ad space for your own brand… still competitive. Spire Healthcare is one of the numerous clients we help to come out trumps in the premium spots.

In a bidding battle, competitors naturally will bid for the same keywords. This can mean that if someone searches “Spire Healthcare” looking for your site, they can still be presented and directed to a competitor’s instead. This hijacking act – from predominantly lead generation sites – was losing Spire Healthcare traffic.

Honcho treatment

In the fight for premium, we delivered a solution that not only limited and knocked out the competition, but also helped to half the current advertising costs and improved the ROAS.

After identifying the problem, we recommended installing a registered trademark on Google for Spire Healthcare. Implementation of the trademark meant that we were able to control the use of our trademarked terms and therefore limit the opportunity for competitors to bid on certain keywords. In support of this, a series of brand campaigns that enabled Spire Healthcare to defend its brand were introduced to take the lead on ad copy and recapture lost traffic.

Quite quickly the ad position, click-through-rate and most importantly lead volume improved as competing advertisers were restricted in the ad copy. For a leader in its market, this strategic move paid dividends in the long run – it was back to controlling the market on its own keywords and terms.

Spire Health

“We’re proud to have won again in another bidding battle, helping Spire Healthcare rightly regain a premium position in the Google Ad space. Implementing a trademark for this client was a quick and easy way to lock down that ad space and reduce the cost per click for the company.”





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