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Spire Healthcare

Google My Business brings local SEO success for private healthcare provider

Client: Spire Healthcare
Services: Local SEO
Timeframe: 2017/18

6.6Kincremental page visits every month
40%incremental enquiries every month
10%increase in revenue each month

The business problem

Private Healthcare is big business. There’s multiple private medical giants in competition in the UK, and this is only expected to increase; with the latest reports predicting the private healthcare industry to be worth a mega £10.7 billion by 2023.

For all businesses whose trade is dependent and directly linked to its location to its potential customers – doctors, dentists, supermarkets, and beauty salons for example – use of geo-modifiers, or geo-tags is an essential part of your local search strategy. Customers want to be able to find these sorts of services in relation to where they live or work for context and ease.

To be visible in search amongst the big contenders, our client Spire Healthcare, was in need of local SEO support to cut through the noise and appear locally to its customers. We already knew queries with geo-modifiers convert well through PPC data, but for Spire, not all its organic results on Google’s SERP included specific location targeting which was making the customer journey more complicated or potentially abandoned in favour of a competitor.

How we solved it

We needed to increase the number of leads through organic search and compete with healthcare competitors, so we engaged our local SEO specialists to devise a strategy that would help Spire Healthcare.

Firstly we addressed geo-modifier issues by creating new Google My Business (GMB) profiles for five popular types of Spire’s clinics; dermatology, physiotherapy, eye surgery, cosmetics and GP services. This meant local search was efficient and relevant to instantly boost the number of leads generated.

After optimising the pre-existing GMB profiles for its established hospitals, and adding subcategories that fixed incorrectly categorised profiles, visits started to improve. We added UTM tags to all GMB profiles so that we could track the results and were able to share with Spire what was performing well. Spire Healthcare was gaining more control on what its customers could see in their searches, and naturally this enabled them to present the right information that would help generate leads.

Now, the private healthcare provider benefits from over six thousand more incremental visits each month. Small tweaks to help a brand be more visible on a local level can reap huge financial results like that!


“If you’re not fighting or paying for the top space on SERPs for your brand, somebody else will be. Google My Business is a secret local SEO weapon – use it to your advantage!”


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