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Serving up a sales feast during the Christmas period

Client: Riverside Garden Centre
Services: PPC

146%YoY sales more than doubled at 146%
66%YoY revenue – 66% uplift
7%Conversion rate of 7%
NO.1Full dominance on key target keywords for Google Shopping

Business challenge

Christmas is a time for shopping – surprise surprise! People are busy enough though, so brands need to appeal to their demands: low-cost, easy and quick. With a client like Riverside that sells seasonal products such as BBQs and outdoor furniture, this can be an especially tricky period for exposure and maintaining sales momentum.

December is not quite sunny BBQ season – unless you live in Australia instead of the UK. So buying the products Riverside stocks at this time is not an obvious choice. We bucked the trend though by helping customers find Riverside’s products and realise that they are the perfect Christmas gift.

Honchō treatment

We focused our attention on Google Shopping – it offers customers the price and product images directly on adverts. So this helps make the shopping process easier in this competitive period.

We worked with our SEO experts to optimise all titles, product descriptions and attributes with keywords that are prominent at this time of year – which achieved full dominance in the product listing ads banner.

Not only did we do this, but we were clever with what we were targeting. We focused on driving sales for lower ticket value items such as BBQ accessories and indoor plants. This presented previous customers who had bought a BBQ in the summer with a complementary product. It also meant prospective customers may come back in the future to buy a complementary higher ticket value item.

Shoppers were exposed to Riverside’s lower value products – which led to a huge uplift in the conversion rate at a usually “slower” period.


“We are delighted that we were able to surprise Riverside with what is possible in an unlikely situation. The 7% conversion rate was outstanding for this shopping category at this time of year.”


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Rejuvenating Christmas sales during a normally difficult time for Riverside Garden Centre through a highly-targeted Google Shopping campaign, which saw a 66% uplift in YoY revenue and a 146% uplift in YoY sales.

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