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No flash ads for Fujifilm: six month targeted campaign to reach six different audiences

Client: Fujifilm
Services: Paid Social, AMS, Display & Remarketing

700Kwebsite visitors
£8:1ROAS of £8:1 across all channels
4%ACoS less than 4% for dedicated Amazon AMS campaigns

Business challenge

With an established brand like Fujifilm, it’s easy to think a new product launch would be as simple as a click of the button. However, its latest compact camera – the X-T100 – was focused on a completely new audience and therefore heightened the importance of capturing customer attention.

Photography is not just for a set niche, it has a vast following, and as such we needed to make sure we targeted all of the different demographics, in a relevant and timely way.

Social media continues to be increasingly popular. More than one hundred million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day alone! This presents huge potential for Fujifilm to target those interested in photography as a hobby, but were perhaps in need of more capabilities than what their smartphone could provide.

For Fujifilm, with its camera heritage traditionally focused towards fixed camera lens products, the new compact camera was a game changer for both photography professionals and experts and amateurs alike.

How we solved it

We tackled the campaign with a strategic demographic approach – running a six month targeted ad campaign that focused on six different audience profiles. This is a hugely beneficial advertising tactic for brands with multiple audiences as it allows them to step away from generic ad copy and create personalised content and copy that reaches the audiences in a specific and relevant way.

Adopting multiple digital verticals, including Search, Display, Video, Remarketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon (including AMS) were all crucial in the success of this campaign. Utilising Amazon and AMS in particular – with its relatively new sponsored ad campaign solution – offered Fujifilm a real opportunity to generate sales at a profitable ROAS

We created paid campaigns on this platform across the UK and Europe Spain for a period during the six months, enabling us to capitalise on the popular seasonal trends like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The AMS channel was the cornerstone of the paid success – with the Cost of Sale (ACoS) less than 4% – significantly cheaper than Amazon’s quoted 10% target!

A set of relevant, targets images and videos were also created, rotated and boosted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. In total our six month advertising strategy captured in excess of 700,000 people across 15 different countries.


“It was a privilege to catapult Fujifilm’s sales, bringing top paid results for its latest digital camera. Introducing the product to new audiences was fun, as it enables us to create engaging relevant ad copy to all – something we know brings better ROAS (Return on ad spend)”