Eflorist - Digital PR Case Study

How a cheap hack delivered high quality links for Eflorist 

Eflorist is an international online flower delivery service that has been working with Honchō’s Digital PR team since Autumn 2023 in the UK. As a result of our outstanding work, we have since been commissioned to also support their European markets from Spring 2024.

By finding a quick and easy hack to help flowers last longer through a viral social media post. Our Digital PR team was able to turn this information into a newsworthy story which generated over 200 links!

Digital PR Agency - Case Study for Eflorist








With a host of competitors, Eflorist came to Honchō asking us to help improve overall organic performance as well as support their brand building efforts in order to help them stand out amongst the crowd. 

Our goal was to:

  • Create a campaign that would provide journalists with a strong hook
  • Find a relevant topic that would appeal to Eflorist’s wide target audience, and readers in their niche
  • Offer journalists a new and unique news angle that would stand out


Inspiration can come from many sources, and appear when you least expect it. After browsing Instagram, Honchō discovered a Reel detailing a hack which involved using bleach in your flowers to make them last longer. Knowing that this would be a rising trend, Honchō wanted to be the first to create an informative campaign detailing the use of this hack.

This allowed us to take a creative approach to finding newsworthy topics, by finding viral content and tips, making them relevant to our clients, and turning them into news.

This campaign was created as part of our ‘quick win’ approach, where we are able to create news stories at relatively low cost in-between hero campaigns. 

In order to make this story newsworthy, we included;

  • Details of the viral hack - including the number of views, proving it to be of public interest
  • Expert commentary in order to explain the science behind it
  • The cost of a bottle of bleach so we were able to target journalists with headlines such as ‘This 70p hack will ensure your flowers last longer’

We all know the cost of living crisis is still very much a large part of the news agenda, so a cost-saving hack would appeal to not just Eflorist’s target audience, but wider UK readers.


Our technical SEO strategy was underpinned by the ultimate goal of improving the user experience and making it super easy for search engines to crawl, index and rank content.

Our immediate focus was to get the basics right and achieve excellence in building strong foundations, using our knowledge of the automotive landscape. Once the performance of the site was significantly enhanced, it was time to unlock more advanced strategies.




We built a feature which allowed users to see a more personalised used car inventory, dependent on their location or where they were accessing the website from.

With a constantly changing inventory and new cars being sold and uploaded all the time, we created an automated solution to manage and ease the process. When new pages are added with listings, they now just automatically populate with unique content that is aligned to the users’ questions and interest for the specific model.

We aligned user needs with the taxonomy. Based on our extensive research of the automotive landscape, we identified new opportunities within the used car search results. Benefits to the end customer from these developments are that they can refine their search and find the right car model for their needs. 

We optimised the CDN caching set-up, allowing us to enhance the performance of the site significantly.



This quick and easy campaign resulted in outstanding results which will leave a long-lasting impact:

    • Increased brand awareness through 207 pieces of media coverage from top-tier news sites including The Sun, The Irish Sun, The US Sun, and The Express.
    • 203 high authority backlinks which contributed towards improving organic performance, improving Eflorist’s search engine rankings, from sites including The Mirror, The Express, Yahoo! News, The Herald and The National.
  • Diversified backlink profile by increasing referring domains 22.3%, resulting in improvements across the sites’ Domain Authority, Domain Relevancy and Trust Flow scores.

This campaign is one of several improving the client’s Share of Search; increasing it by 19% in just a few months.

Eflorist Results
Eflorist Logo
We thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Honchō! Their communication is top-notch, and their innovative ideas have been instrumental in kickstarting our brand awareness efforts. From our initial outreach, we shared our goals and aspirations, and Honchō has exceeded our expectations. We've already witnessed great results from our partnership and eagerly anticipate launching our upcoming campaigns with them.
Content Manager, Eflorist


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