Bondi Sands

Bringing tanning traffic to Bondi Sands

Client: Bondi Sands
Services: SEO, Content, Outreach/PR

17% YOY sessions are up 17%
70%Increase in e-commerce revenue by 70% in the same period
700%Incremental traffic sent to the target pages

Business problem we solved

The beauty industry is booming and self tan has become a skincare essential for women in the UK. Not that you can blame them when British weather is usually everything short of sun!

So when we started working with Bondi Sands – a leading Australian self tanning brand – we needed to get them noticed in that growing market. How could we make their products and ranges shine brighter than the rest of the brands on retailers’ shelves?

With multiple product launches on the horizon, it was important that customers recognised Bondi Sands for its golden Aussie heritage – and it was visible at every touch point. The self tan products were already available with leading retailers, so we had to make sure sales were felt both through retailers and direct on its site.

How we solved it

Honchō has worked with Bondi Sands for almost a year – combining SEO, Content Marketing, Outreach and PR efforts – to boost its visibility in the UK market. And what a year it’s been. The results speak for themselves on this one!

We worked with the web developers, advising them how to turn Bondi Sands’ UK site into a visible, digital destination. By making it SEO-friendly and optimising the page for organic searches, Bondi Sands soared through the rankings.

Our content was engaging and answered common self-tan search queries to solidify Bondi Sands’ leading position. Leveraging our relationships with bloggers and influencers, our outreach and PR efforts were able to support the content strategy and drive the right customers to the right products, with particular focus on its core professional range.

Bondi Sands

“The results from the last year speak for themselves for this client. A clever mixture of SEO, outreach and content services has led this Aussie tanning brand through a competitive UK market with complete optimisation of its site, and strong traffic figures from quality blog posts and referral influencer links.”