Podcasts comes to Google search via automatic transcription

Blog Article

Images, Videos, Blog articles, your typical forms of media can all be searched for on Google in many ways. Parts of content can be searched for, content can be found without the need of typing in the exact title.

For example, typing in “cooking cakes” displays a video that isn’t titled “cooking cakes”, but highlights a very specific part of the video where a cake is being cooked.


Audio podcasts, however, have always faced a challenge with search engines. Podcasts were only picked up from searching for the title of the podcast. Not always ideal if you remember a part of a podcast where a particular topic is discussed, but can’t remember the title of the podcast episode.


Automatic transcription brings search to podcasts


This is about to change. Google is bringing automatic transcriptions to podcasts. This transcribes the entire show to allow Google’s search engine to understand the full context of a podcast episode. So if you are searching for a specific topic being discussed, podcasts may now appear in SERPs. This could add a whole new level of discoverability to podcast creators.

This now creates new opportunities for new users to find podcast content, even when they weren’t actively looking for it, as well as allowing existing fans to easily return and find the content through search.


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