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Use Spotify for your Business

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Spotify Ads for Business

To most of us Spotify is the wonderful “go to” app that allows you access to pretty much every single song or album that’s ever been produced by our favourite artists, wherever you are in the world.

It’s grown so big and so popular that there are currently over 60 million users streaming an average of 2.5 hours of music every day from more than 50 territories – that’s almost 8.9 billion minutes of listening ears!

When you delve into these users, you’ll find that 75% of these subscribers are using Spotify’s Free version which serves audio, video and images in between tracks about every 4 or 5 songs. Now to some, that might come across as particularly annoying (me included – hence why I pay for premium), but studies from Spotify themselves has actually shown that people are more than happy to listen to the ads in return for a free service…

Don’t fear – 75% still equates to a potential audience of 45 million users at your disposal!

So, some questions you might have now…

How can Spotify help me?

The geniuses at Spotify conducted some research and revealed some interesting facts;

  • 148 minutes – the average amount of time a user spends each day listening, singing, dancing and lip syncing to Spotify
  • Always tuned in – Spotify users are a loyal bunch, with users actively listening all day every day, particularly due to the number of territories it is now in
  • One big family – Spotify users are sharing tracks, artists, albums and playlists with each other all of the time, even spreading out into their social networks
  • Mobile Mobile Mobile – as with everything in the modern day, Mobile is the chosen device which means that you can always reach your audience

That’s great, but I sell clothing – how can Spotify, a music playing app, possibly help me?


  • Target your audience by the playlist they’re listening to – for example if you sell urban clothing, target R&B playlists. If you sell swimwear, target Summer or holiday playlists.
  • Target by your demographic – you can narrow down your target group using your own data that you know works – age, gender, location or even time of day
  • Target by device – you can even choose to target by a particular network provider

Spotify Ads is currently only available in the Nordics. However, when it becomes available, don’t be afraid of it just because it’s new – be brave! When you’re ready, get in touch and let us help you to produce the content that will satisfy your users’ needs and become industry-pioneering work!

As always, any questions about anything Paid Media, please get in touch…

Take Care!

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