Product Card Buttons – Google Shopping update

Blog Article
Google Shopping’s product card ads have seen the addition of buttons. We can’t trigger these product card buttons right now, so it may be just in the US, or it could have been a timed test. Displaying to the right of the SERP, the added “Details”, “Reviews” + “Stores” buttons sit above the product card. “Reviews” shows product reviews, “details” shows more product details (e.g. for iPhone XR: brand, model, capacity, colour etc.) and “stores” shows a list of where you can buy the product. Twitter user Dave Lorrez reported the product card buttons on 13th Feb. Clicking on these buttons shows more information about the product, overlaying the info over the search results as a lightbox popup. This offers searchers more information without taking them to another page. Twitter user Glenn Gabe tweeted what clicking on the “Stores” panel for a “Samsung Galaxy S9” search.

 Emily, our resident PPC expert said:

“Although still very early days, we have seen a small uplift in revenue across some of our retail clients.

This new PLA feature massively benefits the user by making online comparison shopping easier with all product prices available to compare in one place without the need to click through onto the advertiser’s site.

Therefore, customers that are influenced by price are likely to click on the cheapest option resulting in a loss of traffic to other brands. 

On mobile, this takes up even more real estate with multiple tabs pushing the organic results further down.”.

Will we see these updates roll out officially soon? Can anyone else trigger these buttons? Let us know @iThinkMediaUK or drop a comment below!