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10 Benefits of PPC

10 Benefits of PPC

If you’re out there wondering how to grow your business online and have heard of PPC but not sure whether to pursue it or not, then see our 10 benefits of running paid search advertising for your business.

1. Instant Marketing

Get your ads in front of potential customers in minutes. This allows your business to start turning over revenue quickly and gain brand awareness within your target market.

2. Work to a Flexible Budget

Spend as much or as little as you like, there’s no minimum spend or contract. Your business is not tied into a contract so you control your own cash flow.

3. Track Success Easily

PPC is the most trackable form of marketing, allowing advertisers to monitor return on investment at a keyword level. This makes it easy for you to understand what works for your business, helping you to develop your business further.

4. Highly Targeted Ads

Geo-target customers within specific locations and appear in search results at specific times across desktop, mobile & tablet. Understanding this will not only help understand your customers’ behaviour but also cut PPC spend where it’s not profitable.

5. Global Reach

Take your business worldwide and display ads in multiple countries and languages. No matter how big or small your business, grow your business on an international level.

6. Trial & Error

Test different sales messaging and target different audiences quickly and easily to maximise results. Pin-point exactly what attracts customers and improve your ROI.

7. Grow Business without Organic Traffic

Get presence within search results if your website is new and your SEO (organic) traffic is not yet established. PPC data will be able to help optimise your site for SEO in the long term.

8. Compete with Large Companies

PPC allows everyone from SMBs to global brands to compete on a level playing field. Get the recognition & market share you business deserves.

9. Dominate your Brand

Take ownership of page 1 in Google for your brand terms to support your natural listing. Protect against competitors & unwanted websites appearing in your search result space.

10. Complete Control & Flexibility

Shape & re-align your marketing strategy to your needs. You can even Reduce your PPC costs overnight!

Feel free to get in contact with us if you still have any doubts about PPC advertising. We are experts in paid advertising and have been working with small to large blue chip businesses since 2008 on various campaigns including re-targeting, display and text ads.

Currently we are running PPC workshops at the iThinkMedia office based in Hertford. See our course details and itinerary.

Contact us now for further details. Lets get a date in the diary today!

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