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Our Top 7 Content Marketing Trend Predictions for 2017

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As we leave 2016 behind us, with the majority of us glad to see the back of a year that presented an array of political and social pitfalls, a fresh sense of opportunity pervades.

Alongside the annual new year’s resolutions of exercise, healthy eating, saving money and cutting down on alcohol, what are the things to look out for in the world of content marketing?

There is a pervading feeling that we are hankering after simpler times, following the tumult of the last 12 months. This may explain the nature of our 2017 trends:

Social backlash

Many high-profile bloggers, Instagram influencers and YouTube stars are voicing their frustration at ongoing algorithm changes across the key social platforms as they feel their traffic, and, therefore, their revenue and visibility, is being negatively affected.

This feeling of dissatisfaction is pervading. Brands are beginning to lean towards alternative channels such as LinkedIn to publish and promote their content, a trend which is expected to proliferate through 2017.

Email resurgence

As key social channels are coming under fire, the much-maligned email campaign is seeing something of a resurgence. Where BuzzFeed leads, others are sure to follow and the channel has accrued over 1 million new email subscribers over the last 12 months.

Watch this space as more brands look to email as a means to promote themselves and their offering to their followers and customers whilst keeping an element of control over their communication, a tactic which has been lost through the recent prevalence of social marketing. It’s also interesting to see smaller companies such as PetJam launching their brand presence through email marketing, over any other marketing channel – a trend we predict will continue to rise amongst new start ups.

Print revival

In another nod to the recent past, printed content is enjoying another moment in the spotlight. Following the launch of Airbnb’s magazine, other key brands are expected to follow suit with their own printed content.

It’s widely believed that the decline in demand for printed material has now bottomed out and the channel is set to grow, as a digestible, tangible alternative to the overdose of social content. We can also see a similar trend across vinyl and traditional books, both of which are enjoying a resurgence.


Purpose-driven marketing 

 Why do you create content? Does it have a real purpose? Is it measurable and beneficial to your existing and prospective customers and clients and worthwhile for your business?

If it seems like you’re just creating content because you feel you should, expect this to change in 2017 as brands begin to focus on a clear structure of content creation and promotion.


Aligned with purpose-driven marketing, we’re expecting to see the same trend in video.

Everyone knows the power of video content and we’ve all watched or shared a viral clip or two, but this year we’re expecting brands to rely less on solely viral content and more on growing and delivering valuable, digestible and shareable, evergreen video content.



Evan Spiegel’s video sharing platform has now overtaken Facebook as the social channel with the highest total views and brands and businesses are taking note.

This year we expect to see the channel explored for opportunities to market to an increasingly content-aware audience who want to see short, sharp and relevant messaging which can be accessed with ease.

Distribution and promotion

 You could have the best, most relevant and shareable piece of content ever but what’s the point if no-one ever sees it?

As brands tighten their marketing budget belts, we expect to see a proliferation of promotion and paid native advertising, rather than several expensive, immeasurable campaigns.

Which of our top content marketing trends will you implement in 2017? Let us know below!

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